Defying Societies Stereotypes, Travis Crown Releases “Feelings”

Travis Crown details the lengths we go to for those we love in his new single, “Feelings.” The track demonstrates the fact that love knows no limits and is all encompassing as he/him/his pronouns are used by Travis while speaking about the one he loves, juxtaposed with the featuring artist, Nico Franc, utilizing she/her/hers pronouns. 

The R&B like track is a slower one filled with emotion where Travis is accompanied by a male feature. Travis sings about the boy he loves while his feature sings about the girl he loves. The use of this duet enhances the idea that love is love, no matter what gender the person is, the pronouns they prefer, or outside forces trying to antagonize them. 

Throughout the entire track, the soft ballad shows off a more singer/songwriter side of Travis that we haven’t seen in his previous singles. Travis’s vocals are light and airy as he and the other male are stripped down to just a piano playing in the background. This style creates immense passion as they both sing their vulnerable lyrics of simply being in love with a significant other.

Travis Crown is a 20 year old singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA. His raw voice and lyrical talents deliver a powerful message to his listeners. Throughout many struggles in life that Travis has faced, music has always been the one thing he could hold on to. Facing homelessness and abuse, Travis has overcome many obstacles. He expresses himself through his music by spreading positivitey and good vibes. His debut album is scheduled to be released in April 2020.