Deaf Havana release ‘Sinner’ from upcoming album ‘Rituals’

Deaf Havana have released their new track ‘Sinner’ (released 8th June) and the band appear to have moved on from their brit-rock roots. At first glance, the single cover and song title seem to imply that something ominous is coming, but ‘Sinner’ is made up of pop beats, passionate melodies and is rounded off with some powerful gospel choir voices.

Although fans of their original sound may be disappointed, ‘Sinner’ is catchy and energetic. As lead singer, James Veck-Gilodi, belts out his vocals above the choir, it is clear that the band have found a way to utilise his, rich, soulful voice while bringing the band into their own.

The album ‘Rituals’ is due for release on 10th August.

‘Rituals’ tracklist:

2. Sinner
3. Ritual
4. Hell
5. Holy
6. Saviour
7. Fear
8. Pure
9. Evil
10. Heaven
11. Worship
12. Saint
13. Epiphany