DEAD IS THE CAT Share New Single “Inter-Dimensional Disco Balls”

Dead Is The Cat announce the August 30th release date of their full-length, For All We Know, and celebrate by sharing the single “Inter-Dimensional Disco Balls” an uncompromising statement of intent with regard to the upcoming album. Lord know what’s going on in those central Florida suburbs, but there’s no denying this is some seriously oddball rock. New-wave, alt.rock, and funk collide into a frenetic track that strays into lyrical territory covering taoism and animal vocalization.

Songwriter and drummer Statler Gause talks a little about the track; “IDB is the only song on the album that was written by all 3 original DITC members simultaneously. Every other song was some form of process between (guitarist/vocalist) Tony Vanden-Eynden and myself”. Gause continues, “People say this is the song that has the most Dead Is The Cat sound, whatever that means. It certainly does have its own flavor of sauce.”

“Inter-Dimensional Disco Balls” follows the release of “An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster”. You may remember the track swinging through your inbox with it’s killer kaleidoscopic video, with its impassioned vocals, wry take on existential crises, and beautifully shot surrealist video served as a spot-on introduction to the Dead Is The Cat world.

The band have also announced the August 30th release date of their debut album For All We Know. Follow them on these social pages to be the first to hear any upcoming material!