DAYLA is a London based artist. There is a purity and innocence in her work as you might expect from someone putting paint to canvas for the very first time. For the past year she has travelled back and forth to Paris to work with her producer and long-term friend NBO TOWN. Her sound was born somewhere between the two cities. With ‘Closer’, her debut single, an ethereal plaintive floatation towards liberation for love that finds us getting lost and high all at once.

She combines thoughtful lyrics with deep, ringing vocals to create an expansive but intimate space. For the first time, she lets us into that space as we all become ‘Closer’.

DAYLA says, “Closer is the first song I ever worked on with my longtime friend and producer NBO TOWN. I wanted to capture the essence of love; the feeling of pure intimacy you can have with another person. Whether for a brief moment, or forever.”

Closer’ has a visual depiction coming soon and is part of a planned 5 track EP release.

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