David McFarlane Shares New Album ‘Fieldwork’

David McFarlane hails from Toronto and has a passion for vibey, imagistic and atmospheric songs. His upcoming album ‘Fieldwork’, features sonically rich alt-folk / alt-rock, Canadiana-infused themes.

“The song initiated from an interesting chord I happened on while playing in a less common tuning. It developed musically first and I sang nonsensical words to it for some time, while it settled in. Some of the unintentional lyrics stuck – the reference to “Ms. Kubelik”, who is a character from the Billy Wilder film, “The Apartment”. I started to realize that the douchebag executive types portrayed in the movie very closely resembled our current climate of leadership, socially, politically, etc.. So the song thematically morphed into a surrealistic overlay of modern day onto Mr. Wilder’s archetypal flic. Only it’s 100 times worse now.”