David Ellis Releases A Video For His ‘Misty Heights’ Single Alongside New Album

David Ellis is the artist behind the most intricate acoustic singles.  Baby She Roam and Eyes To The Sky are two initial tracks from his new folk based project. David has already received impressive praise from key tastemakers in the field: Clash, BBC Introducing and a personal hero, Devendra Banhart. Lead single, Misty Heights, is accompanied by a beautifully unembellished video that hosts a rose-tinted landscape. The scene draws attention to the reverie in which Ellis was under that inspired the dream world that eventually became: Misty Heights

David Ellis has voiced his new sounds as a form of ‘pagan rock’. He’s a singer and songwriter that draws from an array of influences – folk, pop and the retro psychedelic sound of the 60s and 70s. David has utterly enjoyed playing with genre to refine fourteen stellar album ready tracks.

Describing the track ‘Play Many Play’ (feat. Diane Birch on Piano) as “an observation of a free-spirited girl who lives by her heart despite the onslaught of judgments” and his beautifully sweeping ‘Seed of the Sun” as “a reflection upon a powerful ceremony where a Shaman stripped me of my ego and revealed the unity of everything,” this new collection fully sums up the whimsical and eccentric nature of David Ellis. Each track on this new release tells its own story and they each aim to reflect a powerful and poignant part of his own personality.

Choosing to self-release this new collection, Ellis recorded Misty Heights whilst living next to the Byrdcliffe Colony in Woodstock in, what David describes as “an uncomfortable isolation far from the places and people of my normal existence”, where he sought inspiration from the surrounding forest and simple natured life. Adopting his acoustic guitar, violin, bongos, and bass, he has created an album that truly encompasses his deepest and most valued experiences, which also pays homage to the work of Donovan, Joni Mitchell and early Marc Bolan.

Speaking about his new release – the title single of which came to him in a dream – David Ellis explains, “’Misty Heights’ is a world of imagination we all possess where one can escape in need of respite. A place where dreams and ambitions are realised, a place of stillness.”

Ahead of David Ellis debut album, the new video captures David’s ability to gently mesmerise, utilising a quaint and curious musical style. The visuals are a graceful depiction of David’s dream-like musical universe – truly giving the viewer the ability to focus on delicate and well placed elements of David’s third release.

Watch the video, here.