Dark-pop troupe GLOSSE return with ‘Malibu Longhaul’

Dark-pop troupe GLOSSE return with ‘Malibu Longhaul’. GLOSSE cite their influences as ranging from 80’s Electronica and ‘The Lost Boys’, to ideas like the American dream. GLOSSE is a German word that means the writing between the lines and, with this in mind, the ethos of GLOSSE is to create music that is highly introspective.

‘Malibu Longhaul’ takes a brutally honest look at long-distance relationships, the kind maintained by crackled calls from different time zones, and a growing sense of obligation over desire. The stylised verses, which recount better (and more exciting) times with imagery of “crossing state lines” with “blood red eyes”, are juxtaposed with the guileless chorus that reveals to the listener the current, impending-doom of this affair. The lyrics fly in the face of the sentiment that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

The question of commitment and fidelity were broached in GLOSSE’s debut ‘We Got Heat’, and are re-visited again here. ‘Malibu Long Haul’ examines that strange grey area when a relationship has lost any hope of longevity but has yet to finally have the plug pulled. The more honest participants of such charades find themselves wondering where’s the spark that they once shared? How did the situation descend into this ticking time bomb? The truth of reality can be a tough pill to swallow, but much easier when delivered in the form of brooding synths by this enigmatic group.