Dante Mazzetti Returns to Music with Hotel Vol. 1

Inspired by iconic artists including Bob Dylan, The Band, Otis Redding, and Slim Harpo, Dante Mazzetti creates the first volume of a conceptual record that brings back the sounds of NYC folk.

Stepping away from music to join the FDNY, Dante Mazzetti gave himself time to experiment and find himself as a storyteller. To announce his return to music, Mazzetti released Hotel Vol. 1 on July 26th. The EP is the first of two volumes that bring together unreleased songs in folk and Americana. Lyrically, the records emphasize Mazzetti’s ability as a songwriter to express struggles and triumphs in life.

On this new EP, Mazzetti brings together a remarkable team – Oscar Zambrano (two-time Grammy-winning engineer) and Adam Sussman (named “New York City’s Best Studio Engineers of 2013” by URB Magazine). Working together, they were able to bring Mazzetti’s vision to life.

The concept of the record follows the main character through various moments of his time in NYC. Following the path of previous artistic wanderers, Mazzetti’s character finds solace at the Hotel Chelsea. The four tracks chronicle his path of self-discovery with sweet blues and gratifying folk elements.

Reflecting on the creation of Hotel Vol 1., Mazzetti says, “The music on this EP is a mixture of accessibility and wild imagery. I’ve always enjoyed making music that goes off on a tangent but doesn’t fall off the cliff. The songs are doors that open easily into bizarre worlds rather than places of comfort.”

Currently, Dant Mazzetti is preparing for Hotel Vol.2, which will continue the musical journey. The record is slated for an October release. Be sure to check out Hotel Vol. 1 and follow Dante Mazzetti on social media for more music updates.

For More Information: dantemazzetti.com