Danish six-piece Artifact Collective have released their fourth single ‘Time For This’, infused with languid R&B and brash indie rock.

Lead singer and songwriter Victor Oliver curates songs influenced by youthful nights spent under the artificial lights of a capital city – his pensive lyricism drawing inspiration from troubled relationships, daydreaming and surreal drama series. Pairing Victor’s polished vocals with slick R&B beats and electronic rhythms, the track is an indefatigable amalgamation of boisterous musical production and intelligent songwriting.

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Elaborating on the track, Victor states: “’Time For This’ is a song about being ghosted by someone you love and have been with for a long time. It’s the feeling of being the one who continues to fight to make the relationship work while your partner has given up on you.”

Talent continues to emanate from the north of Europe, and Artifact Collective are no exception to this rule. The young group of twenty-year olds write, arrange, record and design every track they produce, and their most recent release proves their indisputable musical expertise. Tune in below.