Just in time for her 21st birthday, Dani Saldo dropped ‘Friend Don’t’ on all platforms. The Filipino born, Canada based artist is loaded with pop hooks and singable melodies. 

Discussing the releases narrative Dani explains:

“This song is about codependency and how ugly it can get, if left unchecked. In the movies, I feel like it can get super romanticised, being someone’s everything and having someone who would do anything for you. This song explores the narrative of having a friend and getting little glimpses of what it would be like to have a relationship with that person, maybe wanting more than what they are able to give you, not because they don’t love or care about you, but because it’s a different kind of love, so you feel at a little bit of an impasse. You don’t love each other in the same way and it can feel a little vulnerable & unfair and that love can also be exploited, even without meaning too. Sometimes the love you hold for your friends can make you do anything for them, even if it causes pain. Boundaries can take time to recognise and put into place but are vital in every kind of relationship, something I am learning even more, every day.”

Influenced by LANY, Lorde and Joji, Dani uses music to find comfort, calm and express issues with mental health and previous battles with homelessness. Dani Saldo is an all inspiring artist who has started her career off with a bang, we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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