“My Angel” is young Mexican singer and producer Dam G’s new single. The song is produced by Juan Francisco Parra from Colombia. “My Angel” is a dance song that shows a more romantic side of the artist.

“The song was born because I did not know how to express what I felt when I saw a girl that I liked so much, and it made me feel so inspired… that I expressed it in the lyrics of this song, thus becoming a super special song for me”, expressed Dam G.

The song seeks to inspire people to fight for love: “never give up in love because, although the storm seems infinite, the sun will always come out and love will come,” advises the young singer-songwriter.

Currently, Dam G is in his senior year focusing on performing arts and working on other singles that will be coming soon this year. 

About the artist:

Damián González Degyves, artistically known as Dam G, was born on May 12, 2002 in Mexico City. The music came to his life from a very young age, he grew up in a musical environment inspired by his parents Guillermo González, and his mother, Ana Lilia, salsa professional singer. At the young age of 12 Dam G started creating his own tracks and adapting songs of other artists putting aspects of his personality.

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