Dakota Shows Us Girl Power through “No One” Video

After revealing her distinctive style on American Idol, American pop artist Dakota Cohen, dropped her music video for “No One”. Produced and directed by a crew of teen girls between the age 17-18 and Dakota herself, they were able to present a high quality visual that girls can do anything on their own.

From an early age, Dakota showed her passion for music. Her drive brought her to pursue various instruments – guitar, drums, keys, ukulele, bass, and timbales as well as reaching a powerful five octave vocal range. Gaining musical inspiration from artists such as Ariana Grande, Stax and Motown, and Ella Mai, Dakota breaks into a signature sound combining old and new sounds into captivating pop bliss.

The music video opens with Dakota youthful side as she moves carefree throughout the video. Drawing influences from pop synths, R&B beats, and melodic lyrics, the music video presents the idea of living life to the fullest and not letting anything or anyone holding you back. The video, much like the song, is an anthem to being independent.

“I’m not gonna waste my time on a scrub like you,” Cohen expresses the importance of feeling confident and being happy on your own. Not only did Dakota capture the audience’s attention, but also caught ours with their high youthful energy. “No One” is definitely the song to listen to during the summer nights when you had a pick me up.

Dakota proves her musical potential and artistic creation through the presentation of her first music video “No One”. Her music is immensely melodic and by exhibiting a candid first music video, Cohen empowers her lively youth. Be sure to listen as Dakota is the captivating artist that we will keep our eyes on! Watch the video below!

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