Japan’s biggest metal export in years, CRYSTAL LAKE, has dropped a visually stunning new video for their latest single ‘Devilcry’ today. The song is featured on the band’s newly released album, ‘Helix’, that’s available everywhere now from SharpTone  Records.

“It’s a sad song. We wanted to describe musically how our perception of death changes as technology and science make progress. I was lyrically inspired by Kübler-Ross’s the five stages of grief. At first, we can’t accept the death of loved ones, but the time surely comes when we have to accept it.” – Ryo

CRYSTAL LAKE are on track to becoming Japan’s biggest metal breakout act in years. With the release of ‘Helix’, the band has become a global phenomenon, infiltrating the ears and hearts of metal and heavy rock fans while confirming their place among the genres’ most talented acts.
                 CRYSTAL LAKE live 2019
                 30.03. RU St. Petersburg – Cosmonavt Club
                 31.03. RU Krasnodar – Arena Hall
                 02.04. RU Samara – Zvezda
                 04.04. RU Nizhnij Novgorod – Milo Concert Hall
                 05.04. RU Moskva – Glavclub Green Concert
                 06.04. RU Ekaterinburg – Dom Pechati
                 08.04. RU Novosibirsk – Podzemka
                 09.04. RU Krasnoyarsk – The Mods Bar
                 12.04. SE Gothenburg – Gothenburg Brewhouse
                 13.04. SE Stockholm – Kraken
                 28.06. NL Ysselstyn – Jera On Air
                 29.06. DE Gräfenhainichen – Full Force
                 04.07. ES Viveiro – Resurrection Fest
                 02.08. CH Gränichen – Open Air Gränichen
                 08.08. CZ Jaromer – Brutal Assault
                 09.08. BE Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Fest