New York City singer-songwriter Coyote Eyes releases her soul-bearing new track “Looking For God”(I AM SNOW ANGEL mix). Coyote Eyes is passionate about addiction recovery and mental health awareness. This relates perfectly to the honest themes and tones interlaced within the track. The artist fights for those silenced by their addictions and illnesses, using music as her mouthpiece.

The genuine lyrics of the song mixed with the artist’s haunting vocals make this track one to remember. Coyote Eyes enjoys writing and poetry which reflects entirely into the masterful crafting of the lyrics of “Looking For God”.

The tragic piece is a culmination of desperation for understanding and gut-wrenching vocals that complement the sweet sadness of cello by David Eggar. It is produced by Mario J.McNulty, who has worked with artists such as David Bowie, Philip Glass, and Prince.

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