Contemporary folk artist Josh Herring shares ‘Down The Wire’

Contemporary folk songwriter Josh Herring shares gritty lead single ‘Down The Wire’ and announces his debut LP ‘And Everyone‘ – set for release this June. 

Down the Wire’ is about one person’s rage with their ex-partner, who never said sorry for cheating. After witnessing a member of his family undergo the grim reality of discovering an unfaithful spouse and the messy divorce process that followed, Josh felt compelled to write this song. It’s for everyone who has ever been screwed over by their partner, and made to feel like the wrong doer because of our inability to confront our responsibility and talk to someone face to face with empathy and mutual respect. With a gravelly Tom Waits-esque arrangement paired with Josh’s honest, relatable lyrics, this is a contemporary break up song about using technology as a substitute for courage; because it’s easier to say mean things in a text than it is to apologise in person.

Josh Explains, “Technology allows us to hide behind a literal and figurative screen, brushing off responsibility and making up whatever narratives suit us best. It allows us to be brave without actually being it, to be authoritative without actually having it, and manipulative, because it’s so much easier to lie if you don’t have to do it to someone’s face.” 

Make sure to keep an eye out for his debut LP ‘And Everyone’ coming this June.