Conor Scott is a young Belfast lad that’s just returned from the big city after a few years of grafting towards a solid music career. Conor is a talented, yet humble, singer and songwriter that calls upon acoustically tinged music to showcase his distinctive vocals. The new single, Overthinking, is another heart-wrenching example of Conor’s inspiring work.

Conor Scott enjoys genres within the indie, pop, folk and rock spectrum, specifically writing music that captures his much-loved live element. His performance ranges from raw, organic solo’s with him and his guitar, to a full band that embraces infectious grooves and the most riotous of singalongs. Conor’s career so far has taken him to headline stages at the Camden Assembly, The Guildhall and all across his hometown. Conor has also toured Europe when supporting Ryan McMullan. Most recognised for Watch Me Go and Move on, Conor has demonstrated his ability to be an emotive force that will change up his dynamic songwriting to feature his newest creations in a live setting before his most streamed tracks.

Conor Scott’s new single, Overthinking, is a graceful discussion of doubts within a relationship.The delicately placed lyrics show an eagerness to accept difficulties, and come through the otherside, together.

Conor says: The narrative of the song is essentially about that time in a relationship when things aren’t necessarily at their best. It’s not a break-up song though. It’s more about just accepting the emotions that you are going through, saying your thoughts out loud and then seeing where your head is at. It is melancholic positivity.

Check out the single, here.

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