Complex Takes Us Back To The Start

Complex does not reinvent the wheel but delivers something unique to himself with his new track ‘Where We Came From’.

It is a track which takes us back to the early days for the rapper. We hear the singer/ rapper speak openly about his upbringing and he articulates his point cleverly with poignant syntax and nail-biting bars. It all starts with an angelic and childlike melody which sets the theme from the get-go. A cold thumping beat then greets us before Complex opens his vocal cords to get the show on the road.

He cleverly transitions between his singing ability and rap qualities. It is not often we hear this from an upcoming Hip-Hop name in recent times. Yes, history has proven this works well with many of the greats often using a similar technique, but for me, it has never sounded as immeasurable as it does here on ‘Where We Came From’.

My only pet hate is that there is nothing hugely ‘Complex’ about the track, even though his name is just that. It follows a relatively generic structure, and we do not hear anything in the music which hugely stands out. But, then again, it is a track which centres around the lyricism and bright vocals. Als, it is all about him getting his story across as opposed to a substantial instrumental. Therefore, I can see why he has taken this direction.

Overall, it is a track which many will find prevalent. Also, although it is unique to the singer’s personal history, it is hard not to find yourself going down memory lane with him singing about relatable topics. You can listen to ‘Where We Came From’ by Complex below.

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