Following the success of his debut EP Honestly, Cody Lovaas has released a new single ‘Tired.’ Along with the track, he announced his second EP titled Pull Out Couch.

Lovaas has proven early on his unique skill when it comes to songwriting, and that is no different in his new song ‘Tired.’

Cody says, ‘Tired’ was written from the perspective of having too much empathy for a world that you don’t feel like you are able to change. During the creation of this song, I sort of made a promise to myself to stop making excuses and to live the life I want to live tomorrow, today. I didn’t intend for this song to come out during the pandemic we are in right now, but my exhaustion has been amplified, and therefore my drive to live for today has been amplified.”

‘Tired’ is a song that is both timely and timeless. While Cody didn’t intend for its release to be during a global pandemic, the feelings he expresses fits what many must be feeling right now. The emotions expressed in the lyrics go much deeper, however, “I would like to stifle the pain/But there’s just more every day/It’s like I’m two more steps away/With every step that I take.” Being in pain and looking for a way out, and it not feeling like there isn’t a way out, is an exhausting feeling that anyone can relate too. Lovaas is backed by a choir in the chorus that gives this song a perfect sense of hope as he seeks to strive through the pain.

In 2019, Cody Lovaas impressed with his debut EP Honestly, which is available at The EP has features songs ‘Finally Fallen’ and ‘Talk Slow’ together; the two tracks have been added to over 60 Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday as well as being featured on Apple playlists such as Best Of The Week, Today at Apple, Breaking Pop and more. It also features ‘Love No More’ an emotional track with a fantastic accompanying music video that has amassed over 6.5 million views on YouTube.

Announcing his next EP Pull Out Couch Cody says, “From love that tried to withstand geographical struggles, to a twenty-one year old trying to figure himself out, to a five-year-long cat and mouse relationship, I wrote all these songs when I first moved to Los Angeles, sleeping on my manager’s pull out couch.” This collection of songs are empowering and emotional tracks showcasing Cody’s raw dynamic vocals around a notion about love that people may confront in their everyday life.

Cody Lovaas has simple and confessional lyrics in soulful vocals, melodic acoustic performances, and smooth pop production. Lovaas plays with the boundaries of pop, acoustic, and electronic music, crafting a variant that retains pop’s effortless melodies while exchanging the genre’s cosmetic compositions for sincere and wistful love stories.

The singer-songwriter from California has an incredible story that I was able to talk to him about last year in an interview. Read it here.

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