‘Closer’ is the second dark and dreamy alt-pop single from ZELAH

Following intimate single ‘Static’, London duo ZELAH share another simmering indie-pop track inspired by the real life experiences of the band’s lyricist Zelah Van-Gowler. With atmospheric beat loops and warbling synths, those initial vocals present a deceptively passive approach to the emotional turmoil behind ‘Closer’… that is until the explosive of sound kicks in around one minute into the song. Suddenly, Zelah expresses “don’t make me wait” in glassine yearning, in sync with a burst of digital beats and those intricate strings, all of which adds a sense of impassioned urgency.

Speaking about the time that inspired ‘Closer’, Zelah Van-Gowler shares:

“Closer was written about 2 years ago when I first moved to London and it’s remained as one of our favourite songs to perform. There’s something really special and nostalgic about it to both of us, so it means a lot to finally be able to put it out. It’s full of conflicting emotions and is pretty reflective on the modern dating culture and the level of uncertainty everyone feels with a new relationship and where it’s going… But it also has a lot of those amazing, positive feelings in the early stages of something when you just can’t stop thinking about someone.”

Both ‘Static’ and ‘Closer’ will feature on ZELAH’s upcoming EP, a proudly no frills approach to pop with electronic flourishes akin the duo’s signature sound.