Cliffs + Caves Share Acceptance with “Sea Glass”

“Holding your breath, braced for what’s coming next. Thrown around by these waves, lost and lonely in your shipwreck.” The mother-daughter duo Cliffs + Caves paint a descriptive picture of what it means to be sea glass in their new song of the same name.  “Sea Glass” is a beautiful representation of valuing someone for their weathered, worn, and troubled storms that have shaped and crafted a person into the person they have become today. A poignant reminder to love others, despite their past, Cliffs + Caves capture the soft emotion of acceptance and unconditional love in their soft vocals and guitar stylings.

The vocals of the track, sung by Lindsey Justice, capture the intimacy and vulnerability of the message of “Sea Glass”. The song carries a noticeable absence of their quintessential harmonies, conveying the loneliness of the song in a single soft voice throughout. Although not singing on the track, Claire Justice is profoundly present in her fingerstyle guitar picking that carries the emotional weight of the lyrics. Coupling the acoustic guitar with a delicate string arrangement brings the song full circle as “Sea Glass” takes listeners to a vulnerable, intimate emotion.

“Sea Glass” is one of five songs from the duo’s new EP Capsize. Partnering with producer Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson, Duncan Fellows) Capsize is an exploration of 5 songs that display the diversity and artistry of the female duo, ranging from the battle cry of their single “Defiance”, to the sentimental vocals and intimate country-esque lyrics of the singles  “Goodbye For Good” and “Right Side”. Cliffs + Caves deliver their rawly honest lyrics with powerful harmonies that will instantly capture your attention while unabashedly sharing their deeply personal and relatable stories that resonate with listeners of all generations. Their unique blend of indie-folk music is on full display as intimate lyrics lilt intrinsically over smooth musical progressions.  Capsize is a beautiful representation of the musical ingenuity that is created when artistry runs in the family.