Circa Waves Release ‘Jacqueline’ — the First Single From Their Fourth Studio Album.

Circa Waves have brought another breath of fresh air to modern indie-rock with their new feel-good single, Jacqueline.

The energetic band who hail from Liverpool are set to release their fourth studio album, Sad Happy. Jacqueline is our first glimpse of the much anticipated two-part album, which will be available on March 13th, 2020.

Jacqueline begins with a catchy, upbeat guitar riff that fits entirely with the first theme of the album — happy. The track is a perfect indie-rock song. It feels as though Circa Waves have concocted the ideal formula for producing toe-tapping tracks that make you want to jump and dance at a festival. 

Whilst Jacqueline screams of the band’s typical style, there are some indicators of where their inspirations lie. The bridge is musically reminiscent of The Killers’ ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, and the inspiration Circa Waves draw from Vampire Weekend and Foals is clear. 

In contrast to the excitable and care-free sound, the lyrics of Jacqueline are unexpectedly sad yet hopeful. The character, Jacqueline, seems to strongly resonate with the feelings of many people in society today. Jacqueline is a new mother who is struggling with sleep and finding it difficult to figure life out. Although, she is slowly realising that she is the only person who can make herself happy and that eventually, everything will fall into place — two reminders that we all sometimes need. 

Overall, Jacqueline is a fun, lively song with uplifting and socially relevant lyrics. If you are looking for motivation to get up, dance and take control then ‘Jacqueline’ is the song for you.

Following the release of Sad Happy, Circa Waves are set to embark on a UK tour throughout March and April 2020. The tour kicks off at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on March 27th.