Well-known as a seasoned touring and recording musician, songwriter, producer, and composer, Chris Tuttle is finally sharing his own original music with his debut self-titled album released on November 15th. Blending an intriguing array of acoustic and electronica elements, Tuttle challenges the conventional song format to “walk the fine line between trying to keep elements of rhythm and composition people can relate to and pushing the sonic envelope a bit” (Chris Tuttle). This album does just that – with modern electronic synths and beats creating the perfect atmospheric soundscape to frame Tuttle’s delicate piano stylings. Cinematic in style and reflective of life’s musings, Tuttle dances a intricately elegant dance that allows the listener to reflect on the nuances of nature’s mysteries and inexplicable peaceful feeling.

Having toured the world and made records with iconic Americana artists such as EmmyLou Harris, Jewel, Rodney Crowell, The Indigo Girls, and Raul Malo, Chris Tuttle is settling into the groove of speaking his own musical truths that allow listeners to questions the traditional format of music alongside him. Previously releasing three singles from his debut album, Tuttle’s cinematic music has been well-received by the instrumental electronica world with features in HYPE Magazine, Rural Sounds, GigSoup, Mix 247 EDM, and several others. Chris Tuttle’s vast musical knowledge steeped in Blues, Jazz, Neo-Classical, AmericanaRock, Ambient Music, EDM, Down Tempo, and Progressive/Deep House music, provides an interesting array of influences for his album. Crossing barriers and bringing out nuances from every genre, Tuttle’s music has a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to place. Even so, Chris Tuttle has skillfully displayed his boundless talent in his debut album…. making fans even more excited to see what comes next.

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