Commanding comparisons to artists as diverse as Brett Anderson, Neil Finn and Paul McCartney, Chris Simmons will stop you in your tracks.Backed up by the direct support of heavy hitters like Chris Difford of Squeeze and the legendary Jackson Browne, Simmons is an artist who demands attention. As does new single ‘Saturn Returns’, released on August 31st.

Written for a friend, ‘Saturn Returns’ unflinchingly illustrates the human dynamic of hard times. A starry tumble of a guitar lick gives way to influences as far ranging as Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon and Jose Gonazalez.

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With a litany of British festivals – including Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight – under his belt, as well as desirable support slots, for Australia’s Matt Corby and the likes of Kate Nash and Suzanne Vega, Simmons now has momentum well and truly behind him. It wasn’t always so. After losing his beloved brother four years ago, writing became difficult, performing even more so. Chris decided to take a break and one day the words came. “I started writing again. Loads actually. I decided to hold off performing and just totally absorb myself in writing and recording. Now I have a new record ready to go. What I think is my best ever material.”

‘Saturn Returns’ is released on August 31st.

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