Chocolate Hills release debut album ‘A Pail of Air’

Chocolate Hills is the brainchild of legendary DJ and co-founder of seminal electronic legends The Orb, Alex Paterson and Metamono’s Paul Conboy. The pair met while touring in Australia and Bali, it was after sharing a big stack of pancakes on the Indonesian island, that they discovered they both resided in West Norwood and the rest is history. Together they have developed a sound that takes them back to their ’90s ambient roots, with a visionary bass journey of beats with epic, holographic 3D soundscapes and weird and wonderful analogue tangents.

Their debut album A Pail of Air is unpredictable and serendipitous, an adventure of the imagination, a cinematic widescreen meltdown. It features six tracks Rehip, Relax, Reboot, Relight, Reset and Reclaim and critics are calling it ”an analogue masterpiece”.

Released later this month on legendary producer and ambient pioneer Youth’s label Painted Word, Chocolate Hills’ A Pail of Air is the next instalment in the label’s next set of releases this summer, ahead of Toby Andersen’s Chasing Shadows (28th June) and Violeta Vicci’s debut album Autovia (12th July), both of whom will perform at the St Pancras Old Church album launch.

Alex Paterson says “Chocolate Hills was the album we always wanted to make, we just never knew we were meant to make it together. I really enjoyed the experience, writing, recording and producing  with Paul and releasing it on Youth’s Painted Word, the perfect home for our ambient odyssey.”

Paul Conboy says “I guess the whole connection with Alex and me started with a journey down to the Antipodeans realm with a big stack of pancakes. Musically, I took direction from my own Metamono manifesto, which besides only using analogue equipment, made the writing process much more open and fluid. Essentially writing and recording simultaneously and using whatever comes out as the main structure of each piece gives everything more of a cinematic arrangement.”

A Pail of Air – track listing

  1. Rehip
  2. Relax
  3. Reboot
  4. Relight
  5. Reset
  6. Reclaim
  7. And at the same time (bonus track)