A countryside lass from West Yorkshire. A classically trained singer who has recently entered the world of pop/r n b music – writing unique, memorable and stand out songs. Chloëbeth hopes that the masses get to know and love each and every one of her tracks and on this sort of form it’s simply inevitable!

Chloëbeth is herself and doesn’t try to be anything she is not. Being a creative, imaginative, talented and sought after musician from a young age, CB is a strong, genuine character who has battled with addiction but come out the other side alive and kicking. She hopes people will discover and love her music and her message of believing in yourself and remaining true to yourself, kind, cool and calm no matter what life throws at you.

On ‘Take Control’ she offers all the ‘cool’ boys more concerned with impressing their “Instagram bros” some sound advice on how to treat and potentially meet a nice lady. The lyrics are so on point and cut through the way a younger Lilly Allen once did. The vocals and melody however, are more akin to a Brandy, Mariah or Christina. This young lady can really sing and she’s now ready to make her move. Nice feature from American rapper Gabe Lenox too.

For more information visit Chloëbeth at https://www.instagram.com/chlowi999/

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