Chloé Caroline takes us back to the 90s and 00s with her reflective new single ‘Forgive Me’

Forgive Me once again showcases Chloé’s impressive ability to combine sounds from the past and present in order create her own fresh, organic, Californian sound. Her latest ballad immediately pulls at the heartstrings as her rich, lead vocals take centre stage, sounding akin to the likes of Taylor Swift or Sheryl Crow. This combined with Chloé’s undeniably catchy melodies and lyrical charm enables her to create something both infectious and inspiring.

Talking about the single Chloé elaborates, “Forgive Me is a song that shines a light on the normality of mental health struggles, perfectionism, and societal expectations. On the day I wrote this, I woke up one grey winter morning and just felt “blah”. I am naturally a very sunshiny girl but some days I don’t live up to being that person. I’m sort of sarcastically apologising to society and their expectations for just being human, and also talking to myself in a moment where I “want” to be that expected person but just can’t be.”