This Chasing Dragons article was written by Evie Myers, a GIGsoup contributor. Lead photo by Imperfection Photography (Emma Boorman)

Chasing Dragons? More like chasing dreams for the Leeds rock quartet who have announced their intention to record and release their debut album “Faction” in 2016.

Being an unsigned band doesn’t make it easy to fund such an exciting project, so they have created a Kickstarter page to help raise money for it. In return for pledges, the band are giving away exclusive access to the album teaser “Faction: Prologue” along with unique band memorabilia and experiences. Normally one would expect their target to be reached in days, if not weeks. But Chasing Dragons must be doing something right in the music department as they have nearly reached their modest £800 goal in less than 12 hours. If you fancy finding out more about this, all the information for the album release and Kickstarter project can be found on the Chasing Dragons Facebook page.

The release of the three teaser tracks in “Faction: Prologue” is aimed at around March 2016, and these generous pledges made by fans can only aid in making Chasing Dragons’ dream become a reality.

Chasing Dragons to release debut album

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