Charli returns with flavour-packed R&B bop ‘Like Me’

Born in Liverpool, Charli Taft now lives between the UK and Denmark, with the latter working as her writing hub. Charli’s brand of R&B plays on nineties and noughties influences, with lyrics that are relevant and carefully crafted. Flirting between the now and nostalgic, it’s easy to see why Charli Taft is a star in-the-marking.

Like Me is an undeniably stunning mid-tempo bop that preaches self-respect and empowerment, with the line “…Haters gon’ try, but they can’t do it like me” being the key takeaway. The track is slick, polished, and true adlib heaven, complete with a feel-good message.

Speaking on the motivation behind Like Me, Charli Taft shares: 

“The song is all about self respect, feeling empowered and knowing your worth in a relationship. I hope people can vibe along and openly relate to the message behind the lyrics – it’s ok to let the world know you’re a one-in-a million. It’s ok to be confident and just own it.”