CEEM Releases single “Better Than That”

Singer-songwriter and producer CEEM releases his powerful first single “Better Than That” off his upcoming EP Cruel World. CEEM wrote, produced and mixed this track in his studio in Seattle. The song’s style ends up being a balanced fusion of Future Pop and EDM. The mid-tempo dance track is written as a response to a demanding time CEEM was experiencing in a very close relationship, thinking there was a stronger foundation to the relationship than there really was, when the relationship was suddenly thrown into chaos. “Better Than That” is a beautiful illustration of the illusions that can occur in relationships.

The song debuted at #18 on the Euro Indie charts and is currently #60 on the American Indie charts.

Based in Seattle, CEEM blends electronic music with emo, merging 80s glitzy synth-pop with the transformative broodiness of emo music, strung together with lyrics covering themes of rebellion, inclusiveness of the marginalized, heartbreak, and acceptance. “As the world becomes more divided,” he states, “we need music and art to bring us together.” 

CEEM showcases all of his talent and creativity in his upcoming EP Cruel World which will be available in the Fall of 2019.