South Wales post-hardcore band Casey have dropped the third single from their upcoming sophomore album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping.

Bruise starts out as a hauntingly atmospheric track before a bubbling build-up then crashes into impassioned screams. Vocalist Tom Weaver’s self-awareness and, often, self-loathing are defining characteristics of the band, and his frustration with his health is very evident on this track.

He said, “Bruise explores how I feel now about the topics I was writing about on the first record. It also looks forward, introducing the idea that the experiences I’ve been through have left me in a fragile state, which leads into a feeling of guilt and of insufficiency, not feeling deserving enough of happiness.”

The album overall is a deeply personal account of Weaver’s multiple health problems, so expect to be feeling all the emotions when it’s released on 16th March.

Tickets for Casey’s UK and Europe tour are on sale now.


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