Captivated by ‘Colours’

Marvin B Naylor has released ‘Colours’ and it is a gem glistening in its own light. The Winchester, U.K based musician delivers an overall sturdy performance on this new release. His signature 12 string guitar sound drives the track through a mix of love, life and universe themes. It is vibrant and colourful from the very start. Furthermore, its psychedelic 60’s and 70’s vibe offers a unique listen whilst remaining relevant in the forever changing modern day music industry.

Firstly, ‘Colours’ starts with an acoustic guitar cutting through an unforgivably catchy hum. However, it is not long until you hear Marvin change direction with a delicious bass line welcoming an anthemic upbeat section. Overall, the vocals from Marvin sit tight on this hard hitting mix. On the other hand, the warm harmonies and a strong backing vocal aid his main vocal impeccably well. The only thing I had wished is that the upbeat rhythm section had been brought back earlier because that to me combined with the vocal is really the stand out hook and driving point in this release. That being said, the entire track is majestic and oozes confidence.

Marvin B Naylor is not shy when it comest to experimenting with his music and it is refreshing to see an artist step away from the status quo. His previous releases have also gone on to gain great recognition and ‘Colours’ appears to have cemented Marvin B Naylor’s name in musicians to keep a close on in 2019.