Canadian post-punk trio Autogramm relate past drug dealer debacles on new track

Active members of Vancouver’s incestuous creative scene (the band features members of Destroyer and Black Mountain), Autogramm have penned an album which tells tales of parties past and the joys and pains of growing up in the punk scene. The Post-punkers Autogramm release new single ‘R U Lookin’ 4 Love’ 

Talking about their new track, the band tell us “the song is not at all about love in actuality it is about trying to locate your drug dealer who is strung out and low on product. Moral? Don’t get high on your own supply?”

Guitarist Jiffy Marx and bassist C.C. Voltage met back in the early 90s as teenage skateboarders while playing in punk bands. While sitting on a canal together on a rainy day in Berlin, they hatched a plan to form a band with the intention of touring sunnier destinations. It’s no coincidence then that the band name came to be the German word Autogramm (translation; autograph). Jiffy enlisted The Silo (producer and drummer for Destroyer) while travelling with him in Mexico and the trio was complete.

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