Californian rapper JIG LeFrost portrays the rich history of video game music on “WELCOME TO CRISIS”

Reaching the final level of his pixelated fantasy world, JIG is ferociously stalked by the demons who traverse the warped, jagged landscape. Dark, ominous synths rumble in the foreground, threatening the young artist’s very existence at every twist and turn. 

“I lost my best friend Neel (guitar on Grace) one year and the next year I lost my dad. Both were such freak moments it just felt like the universe was inviting me into the simulation, like, here ‘Welcome to Crisis’” JIG explains. 

JIG’s music is a reflection of life’s extremes, showcasing emotional vulnerability throughout the 5 track project. Using his music as a means to narrate a world in crisis, the EP will also score a video game set for release later this month, bringing his stuttering synth patterns and smooth rap flow to life. 

Becoming a self-taught drummer at a young age, JIG played gigs across the Bay Area from the age of ten to seventeen. After performing a rap song at his high school talent show to high praise, the young artist immediately turned his interest to the music industry, eventually becoming a pioneer of the Bay Area’s underground rap scene. 

JIG LeFrost uses his artistic creations to articulate the crushing sensation of grief – candidly portraying the hurdles life has to offer.

Tune in below.