California bands, Brookhaven and Scatter Swept, join forces for epic album

The post-rock scene in the Bay Area is alive and well. Two bands from the Oakland area (Brookhaven and Scatter Swept) have combined their talents to record the stunning album Modern Remains (15 Feb, Expel Records). Up to now, they’ve shared two singles from the LP, the lovely “Already Moving Away” and the more aggressive instrumental “Sawtell.”

Sonny James started Brookhaven as a home recording project in the early 2000’s. Since then, the Oakland-based shoegaze/post-rock band has evolved through several configurations as Sonny invited a number of collaborators to join the band, including: Michael Jacobs (the Tunnel), Henry Larsen (Night Work), Nick Andre (Her Space Holiday), and the members of Scatter Swept (see below). Prior to Modern Remains, Brookhaven released two full-length studio albums and several singles and EPs on the Expel Records label. Brookhaven has shared the stage with national headliners such as Papa M (David Pajo) and Black Francis.

Scatter Swept began in late 2017, when three of the members of Brookhaven began writing new songs as a trio, while still collaborating on the recordings that would become the Modern Remains album. Ryohei Hinokuma and Matt Holt (Continental, Skyscraper Mori) first began playing together in Brookhaven in 2013. Patricia Kavanaugh (The Jade Shader, Reverter) joined Brookhaven in 2015. Patricia and Ryohei mix their love of mathy and dissonant guitar melodies with Matt’s anchored rhythms, combining to create a blend of playful dynamics and time signatures that are both catchy and experimental.