Caleb Blair returns with ‘Hate It When You Leave’

Caleb Blair is a artist who specialises in hard-hitting pop thats already left a big impression on the streaming platforms. The Nashvillian boasts an astute knack for hook writing and crafting sing-a-able melodies that return in his newest release, Hate It When You Leave.

Breaking down the meaning of the track, Caleb expands:

“Writing ‘Hate It When You Leave’ was an outlet for my frustration with myself when I realised I was constantly pushing people away that were trying to love me well. The lyrics in the bridge are the words I’m trying to turn into action still to this day.”

Caleb is for sure an artist to keep an eye on, and certainly has a back catalog that is worth checking out. Released in 2018, ‘Tropicana’ has since smashed the 200K streams mark, with ‘Dirty Adidas’ performing well since being dropped in April this year. Despite the social-savvy on-trend imagery that harks back to retro tapes and 80s palettes, Caleb is an artist for a new age of independent pop artists.