Brooklyn’s Kodacrome are just what we need right now

It’s January. It’s cold. It’s dark. If only there was a song that encapsulated the feeling of this longest month of the year. This is Brooklyn duo, Kodacrome. They’ve just dropped their new single “Play Dead,” and it has us mesmerized. We can’t even tell you how long it is, as we’re just listening to it on repeat. If it went on forever, we’d be OK with it. There’s only two lines in the song repeated over and over. But it still feels so powerful and yet so desolate.

Lucky for me. You’ve got the faculties

For remembering bad things ever so fondly

Kodacrome is a two-man production team disguised as an electronic band. Currently based in Brooklyn, members Elissa LeCoque (vocals/arrangements) and Ryan Casey (synthesizer/production) share a background in visual art, set-building, filmmaking, and screenwriting, all of which has spilled over into the presentation of their original analog synth-based catalog. Over the last decade, Kodacrome has become known for their dark, textured, minimalist production, and layered vocal melodies, as well as their art-department-heavy video content, and small-batch merchandise.

Last year, Kodacrome participated in artist residencies at the Mudhouse in Crete, and the Banff Centre in Canada, where they studied the expressive relationship between orchestral instruments and analog synths, and ultimately arranged and recorded a chamber-based redux album. Their resulting EP Banff Sessions, is releasing the 6th of March and features original compositions for piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, horn, and hints of ambient analog synthesizer. The experience of recording music “off the grid” with no click track, and making use of human players became an addictive process, which they look forward to implementing in their impending return to synth-forward works. 

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