Brooklyn-based Kris Kelly ponders place and purpose with ‘Birthplace’

‘Birthplace’, the first song from Kris Kelly’s self-produced body of work is a stirring testament to origin. Originally from Austin, TX, Kelly has made a series of impassioned moves that have thrown his sense of belonging into question, as quickly as they’ve consolidated it once again. Having moved from Texas to New York City, he studied music composition at NYU before spending five years travelling South America. On his return, Kelly recorded his debut album. A life of pivots has made for sincere and affecting writing on this upcoming body of work.

The accompanying video, executively produced by the widely-recognized and acclaimed Alma Har’el, and directed by Adi Halfin (Radiohead/Batsheva Dance Company), is a gorgeous counterpart to the track.

Kris gave us some insight behind the masterpiece: “For the ‘Birthplace’ video, I explained to director Adi Halfin what the song meant to me, and she came up with this beautiful concept. The video unfolds like a dream. There is me, the narrator, in a room, away from the outside world, juxtaposed by these different characters on the exterior, each one very different from the other, in different emotional states, relating to the environment in different ways. There is struggle, peace, conflict, harmony. There is definitely an element of surrealism and there is not a linear storyline or sense of time. It’s a dream. And like in a dream, to me anyway, the characters all represent different pieces of the main character. I ended up relating to each character in my own personal way, and I think the viewer will have their own experience as well.”

‘Birthplace’ is out on all platforms now.