Bromide, Deptford, Lomdon, 2018

Bromide – ‘Ancient Rome’ (Dave Hale remix) / ‘Falling Off The Days’

Ancient Rome‘ is the new single from Bromide and the fourth from 2018 album ‘I Woke Up‘.

‘It’s the ballad!!’ says singer guitarist Simon Berridge, ‘Ancient Rome’ is about the magic of existence and specifically the search for someone to share that magic with. The random interactions played out every day where one minute someone’s dragging you over to meet someone in the pub / zoom meeting and the next you’re standing opposite that person in an official looking room surrounded by lots of people you know making all kinds of insane crazy promises. For ever.

The track is a remix of the album version by Dave Hale and on the B side is a new song recorded for Resonance FM’s Hello Goodbye show and their ‘one minute wonder’ special.