Break out soul singer Freewill drops a captivating visual celebrating the beauty of everyday women.

This video is a preview of what is to come as he is set to release his upcoming project “Let’s Talk” August 16th, 2019.  

Atlanta, GA soul singer Freewill is back with another soulful gem, like his previous release, “Ms. Everyday” features a classic 90’s neo soul vibe,with live bass and kick drum that remind listeners  of some of their favorite soul records. The video is an ode to the everyday women of all shapes and sizes.It captures different black women from all walks of life, enjoying their beauty by just taking a moment to look in the mirror and shine.

The concept came from a real place, just recognizing that the everyday woman is just so under appreciated in the world today. I wanted to create a record that paid homage to the everyday woman.

The sister that works a nine to five or the college student whose also a single mother but trying to make a better way for her kids. It seems as if the Kim Kardashian’s of the world have become the new standard but we can’t forget about Ms.Everyday she’s more real to us than we know, we just need to get back to recognize her.”. -Freewill.

The director gave the video a unique vertical viewing approach that definitely appeals to all viewers. Considering most people typically are watching music videos via their phone. Therefore, he wanted to cater towards that in a stylistic way.

“When viewers watch the video we want them to find a sense a familiarity. Whether it’s a reflection of themselves, a friend, a mother or anyone. We wished to play our part in spreading the message of positive admiration to all women while also having diverse and accurate representation of black women”. -Tyshawn Smith (Director).

Ms. Everyday video would officially released Friday August 16th, 2019 along with his full EP “Let’s Talk” .

FW_LT_Cover v11.jpg

Let’s Talk : Track list

1. Faithful 

2. Same 4 U 

3. Smile

4. Love of My Life

5. Just Like You

6. Ms. Everyday 

7. All

Produced by Jor’Dan Armstrong, Platinum Brothers and Z Will for Blu Majic Beat Co.