Blackout Balter

Blackout Balter Announce New Album ‘Animal’ and New Single “Wild One”

Following the successful release of their debut EP, Blackout Balter has announced an upcoming debut album ‘Animal.’ The Nashville based band impressed with their six-track EP ‘Twist and Bend, ‘ which also featured Dave Keuning (The Killers) and have built on that momentum with the follow-up single ‘Red Letter.’

On Friday, the band announced the release date for their debut album ‘Animal’ to be July 24th. In addition to the announcement Blackout Balter also released a new single called ‘Wild One’ along with a brand new music video to accompany the track.

“Wild One deserved a big video that had attitude, energy, and grit; so when Mike [the video producer/director] came to us and said a bank heist would be the perfect narrative backdrop for the song, we were all in,” says Blackout Balter frontman, Phil Cohen. “We met some strange characters during the shoot, as it was essentially shot at a Spahn Ranch-esq commune in Nashville, but we really had a lot of fun making this video. In fact, as I watch the video, I almost laugh throughout the entire thing. I like to say that we were wearing bandanas before Coronavirus was cool,” Cohen laughs. “I know it’s not really something to joke about, but It’s a strange coincidence that–about a week after we shot this video–everyone started wearing bandanas and other face-coverings as protection. We were just trying to rob a bank, pre-Corona.”

Blackout Balter’s first full-length album ‘Animal’ also features the work of grammy-winning producer Jeremy Ferguson (Cage the Elephant engineer and producer), and was also assisted another Grammy-winner Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Cold Play), for a 14 track album described as pure adrenaline that inspires.

The album blends the art of punk and alternative rock music in a brilliant way. While listening to ‘Animal’, the listener will hear tracks featuring an unapologetic assertion of love, struggles, and leaving, the band’s aptly-titled Animal speaks to human nature at its most visceral core: When gut instinct supersedes logic, and our inner animal roars. Fourteen tracks of pure adrenaline offer a stinging introduction that inspires, excites, and pushes us to attack our dreams.

Blackout Balter consists of frontman, Philip Cohen (Vocals/Guitar), Christina Pollitt (Synth/Backup Vocals), J Marco (Lead Guitar), Emma García (bass), and Hayden Cotcher (Drums).

Listen to their new single here.

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