Biglemoi Bringing a Big Sound from New Orleans

Biglemoi is an indie rock band that combines elements of different musical cultures. Comprised of five members from all around the world, the band´s geographical diversity adds a welcome variety of both personal and cultural influences to their music. 

The five-piece is releasing Permanent Vacation on the 28th of next month and just dropped this single. “Joyride” eases you in long enough to buckle up. Then, we’re off for….well, for a joyride that never stops building until it’s cacophonous conclusion.

The project is led by a duo of lyrical melodic vocalists and instrumentalists from Nicaragua and Spain with a vast background in the traditional Nicaraguan song and contemporary classical music, respectively. Supported by hard driving guitar riffs from a lead guitarist with deep roots in jazz and blues, and anchored by the groove of a rhythm section from New Orleans, Biglemoi has a truly unique sound that connects with big audiences from all around the world.