BAZOOKA release New face-melting LP, Zero Hits.

Time to kick off 2019 with the brand new face-melting full-length record by Bazooka. Athens’ basement punks Bazooka follow-up their 2017 raw fuzzed-out 12″ EP Zougla (Jungle) with Zero Hits, out today via Inner Ear Records.

Stream the whole album below.

If Ahristi Genia (Useless Generation) surprised everyone with the directness of Greek lyrics and Zougla (Jungle) made clear the band’s intention to move forward and experiment, Zero Hits is determined to sweep everything away and definitively and irrevocably confirm that we are dealing with a great band.
From the Dionysian “Ela (Come)”, the characteristic wind instruments in “Keno (Void)” and “Filaki (Prison)” to the Stoogesque guitar and saxophone sounds in the autobiographical “Vradini Vardia (Night Shift)” and the psychedelic 60’s “Adiafores Maties (Indifferent Glances)”, Zero Hits presents Bazooka more fresh and dynamic than ever, making the title of the album sound totally ironic.

Watch a live-performance video for the opening track Ela (Come).

Show Dates
SAT 09.02 – Athens (GR) – Gragarin205
MON 08.04 – Vevey (CH) – Le Bout Du Monde
THU 11.04 – Olten (CH) – Coq dor
FR 12.04 – Lyon (F) – Trukson
SAT 13.04 – FREI!Festival
WED 17.04 – Lilles (F) – DIY Cafe
MON 22.04 – Dresden (D) – Ostpol
TUE 23.04 – Leipzig (D) – Ilses Erika