Bayou releases new track “Alone”

Egyptian born, Dubai based artist Bayou releases his third single “Alone”, combining R&B grooves with infectious Arabian melodies to create a rich sonic soundscape. 

Inspired by unrequited love, “Alone” details a relationship on the brink of demise. Imbued with lush flamenco melodies and Bayou’s smooth vocal prowess, the track portrays the struggles of a “‘cat and mouse’ relationship between two lovers”. Bayou explains – “I realised the woman I once cherished manipulated me for her own selfish gain.”

Releasing his debut single “Moonlight” in 2019, the track was inspired by the exoticism of oriental belly dancers in Egypt. Having lived his whole life in the Middle East, predominantly in Dubai, the artist has a great deal of pride and passion for his Arabian heritage – drawing inspiration from North London artist Col3trane and R&B singer Anfa Rose to create a luxurious groove. 

Check “Alone” out below.