Energetic, young, pop-rock band Band of Silver, released a video for their song, “El Magnifico.” The track is off their recently released, debut EP,   IN SPACE!

The video for “El Magnifico” mixes music elements and genres, with a Latin/New Wave twist on their classic pop-rock sound.  Visually the video is a send-up of an old B&W “monster” movie with a young boy imagining himself as a superhero, of sorts, called “El Magnifico.”

Alex (guitars/vocals) takes lead vocals on the upbeat track with the rest of the band playing in a warehouse interspersed with old-fashioned videography and animation.

The fanciful theme of the video is in contrast to the minor chord progression, but both come together perfectly to create a unique viewing experience.

Fresh off of their national US tour with High School Nation, Band of Silver will release more music in the coming year.

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