Bahamian Songwriter, Matthew Pinder, Debuts “Golden Hour” – A Glimpse into Island Life

Matthew Pinder dives into an eloquently simple release with his single “Golden Hour” from the upcoming album Give Me Some Time. Tender artistry woven into a tribute to a loved one, “Golden Hour” exhibits Pinder’s quintessential stylings in a new light. The single, released earlier this month, has already garnered praise and attention being hailed as “glittering poetry that shine with haunting depth” (- Atwood Magazine), and “The perfect soulful innuendo. A gem.” ( – Where The Music Meets)

“I wanted to show the world where I come from. This video is special to me because it was filmed in a place thats so engrained into my memories.”

Matthew Pinder on his song/music video “Golden Hour”

The beautifully intimate poetry of the lyrics combines with images and scenes from the young Bahamian’s simplistic island life to create an enchanting atmosphere of rest, relaxation, longing, and love. Of the video, Pinder says, “I wrote the song sitting on a balcony looking out over the ocean. I’m thrilled that we got a video to feel tranquil like the sea on the night I wrote the song. ”

Seeming to capture an unmistakable feeling of floating in the soft melody of the lyrics and the simplistic musical background – Matthew Pinder couldn’t have found a better way to announce his presence in the indie music scene. Watch the video for “Golden Hour” below and follow Matthew for more new music releasing in Spring 2019.