BABii shares two new tracks “POiiSON” & “POiiSON (CATNAPP remix)”

Announces more tour dates and Debut LP ‘HiiDE’ due July 5th on Deathwaltz Originals.

With her debut albumHiiDE’set for release July 5thvia Deathwaltz Originals, Margate-based BABii is sharing two new tracks today, with new single“POiiSON”& a remix of the track by Monkeytown Records signed artist CATNAPP.

Speaking about the new song, BABii said “POiiSON is about being in a toxic relationship but just ignoring the fact that is not good or not working. I also wanted it to sonically sound like the feeling of being poisoned.”

About her remix of BABii’s track the CATNAPP says, “I love the sweetness of “POiiSON” and every time I hear a very sweet song, I feel the urge to create it’s evil twin.”

“I saw CATNAPP at SXSW this year, just on a whim because I thought she looked cool, and it was one of the best things I saw at the festival! She is the most powerful/cute person I have ever seen. We ended up hanging out and I was a bit scared because of how cool I think she is, but we ended up becoming friends and we decided to do a little remix swap.” BABii offers on the collaboration.

BABii produces incredibly forward-thinking electro tinged pop/R&B which features skittering beats and incredibly thick, layered synths with heavy bass with a semi industrial feel to them. The lyrics are dark, yet the vocals are sweet and despite its incredible pop hooks the whole LP drips with a sentiment of loss and abandonment. BABii wowed SXSW this year playing 7 shows in 5 days and being compared to everyone from Grimes to FKA Twigs, while those comparisons give you a jumping off point they also feel like they’re not enough as BABii definitely inhabits her own unique world.

A lot of BABii’s aesthetic comes from her childhood dreams, all the things she wanted to create but couldn’t. It could be anything from wanting to be the childlike empress in a never ending story, to cool trainers, to trying to make music that feels like the a Disney soundtrack, to the exciting calmness of being in a lorry on an empty road at night. all mixed together. The inception of BABii’s debut LP came together unintentionally, after an arduous period, “I moved back to my hometown and everything had kind of fallen apart – my band at the time, and all the stuff I was doing. I lost quite a lot of confidence. I kept it on the quiet that I made music and just got a normal job and lived an easy life for a little bit.” It was then that producer Adrian Sherwood asked BABii to come to his studio and make an album and HiiDEwas made. BABii describes later meeting Iglooghost at a show in Ramsgate and the extra support he offered in the creation of this record.

HiiDE is about secrets and hiding, although it didn’t start with that being a theme or even a use at all, BABii had no plans to put it out into the world. It was made to get rid of all the brain garbage from everything that was going on BABii’s my life. “When writing it, I was still trying to keep a dying relationship alive, but it was falling apart because of secrets being kept, I was also his secret and there was a lot of things hidden between us.”Taking cues from loud and aggressive electronic music, as well as pop music from the likes of JoJo and even the Pocahontas soundtrack, creating HiiDEwas a catharsis for BABii, who describes the process of making the album as her way of crying.“All of the tracks are fragments of the same theme, and capture the album as a whole,”she says. “Its such a diverse set of emotions that all bleed into one another, and also reflect each other, and at times can even contradict each other. They only make sense as a whole.”

6th July: Instore at Banquet Records, Kingston. 
7th July: Instore at Resident Music, Brighton. Info
9th July: Instore at Beartree Records, Sheffield 
10th July: Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate. Tickets
2nd August: Fred Perry Subculture. 100 Club, London. Tickets
20-22nd September: Random Drama Festival, Moscow
26th September: Waiting Room, London. Tickets
18-20th October: Wild Paths Festival, Norwich. Tickets

HiiDE track list:
2. CARNiiVORE (Soundcloud)
3. PHANTOM (Youtube)
5. SKiiN
8. POiiSON (Soundcloud)
9. SEiiZURE (Soundcloud)

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