Left-field producer Axel Thesleff sets out to change how his fans experience his music with a 30-minute audio/visual EP release.

‘Two Worlds’ is a cinematic journey that details the trivialities and limitations of the human condition and is compiled of five interlinking tracks and videos by the Finnish artist – ‘Akasha’, ‘Salamon’, ‘Eco’, ‘Cascade’ and ‘Dunya’.

The project is presented from the perspective of three unique individuals living in between two worlds. Each story is blended together to curate one seamlessly crafted narrative, with the characters grappling with the elements, attempting to overcome their own personal obstacles. The 30-minute project has taken almost 12 months to complete, spanning across continents and geographical boundaries.

Axel explains the visual concept in a little more detail: “The main theme with the EP was to explore different aspects of duality, determinism, existentialism and the human condition. The themes were vaguely emerging already during the production of the tracks and I decided with my team to make it into a visual narrative to really bring those ideas from the background to the forefront. It’s about the desperate search for meaning and identity, and the internal turmoil it causes. But ultimately it’s about letting go of the ego and waking up to the present moment.”

The Finnish producer’s latest visual installment is yet another example of his game changing talent. Make sure you tune in.