Ava King

Ava King Premieres New Single ‘Leave Me On Read’

Meet Indie-Pop singer Ava King, who is about to make waves with her upbeat music filled with emotion-packed vocals.

Ava’s songwriting and producing has been featured in places like Crazy Rich Asians, The Ellen Show, Empire, and the Billboard World Charts #1 position. Today, she focuses on her own project, and thankfully so.

Ava King has been all around the world. She was born and raised in France near Paris, went to school at Columbia University where she briefly studied Chinese and Journalism, and even found her first published piece at 18 in the New York Times. Following graduation Ava moved to China and spent the next decade on TV as a host, celebrity contestant, and more. Despite her achievements and popularity overseas King returned to the states and pursued something she had always wanted to, US Pop music.

After reading about Dr. Luke and Kesha decided that learning to produce music as a woman was extremely important. Producing music as a woman would allow Ava to 1. help out other female artists and give them a respectful and safe creative space. 2. Create music that truly resounded for her.

In Ava’s newest single, ‘Leave Me On Read’, she sings of feelings that any person who has been single at any time after 2014 and the creation of dating apps can relate to. The feelings of when you just started talking to someone and everything is exciting, and you anxiously await the next message or even just the three dots indicating that the person is typing, but neither of those come. On the other end, the person you were just talking to or maybe just met suddenly disappears and leaves you on read.

Whether these feelings are something you are swiping and experiencing now or have in the past, Ava King’s new single ‘Leave Me On Read’ will be there for you to relate to and enjoy with its release on December 11th.

Accompanying the single is a music video to be released Monday, Ava lets you see the frustration the character feels being on the other side of being ghosted. You watch as the main character goes from crying in her room waiting for a reply to eventually enlisting in military training and creating a master plan, and you get to watch as things escalate.

Of the video, Ava said:

“Honestly this one isn’t really going to help my dating life. I’m murdering a guy because he hasn’t responded to my text. But it was such great fun to film!”

“Obviously the main character is mentally ill, but I also wanted to make it OK to be angry at someone for just disappearing on you.” King said “I think there’s pressure on women to be cooler than guys, to not get emotionally attached, to live in this xanax-y whatever mode. But that’s just never been me, I ruminate, I cry, I go a little crazy and then after weeks/months I finally get over it (generally without murdering the person). I guess with the video, I just wanted to say “hey, it’s OK to be angry and sad about stuff, even if it’s just little stuff.”

‘Leave Me On Read’ is full of lyrics you will relate to, laugh at, and then get stuck in your head. And while this song focuses on the feelings that come from unrequited texting, Ava King is always striving to promote love and acceptance of yourself no matter where you are at in life through her music.

Listen to her music here: