Australia’s REMI harnesses a twisted Dr. Frankenstein metaphor to explore the lingering damage of a toxic relationship in “5 A.M.”

It’s 5 am, the world is asleep. But Remi is awake.  He is awake every night, trying to blend up a wild and fruity elixir.  Will he perfect his recipe, or will it turn out to be a toxic witches brew?

Melbourne hip-hop duo REMI shares accompanying visual for latest single “5 A.M.” ft. Whosane. Created with Indian-Australian cinematographer Barun Chatterjee (who most recently worked on Sampa The Great’s OMGand Final Form videos), as while as stylist powerhouse Ntombi Moyothe video constructs a counter-narrative that becomes an intricate metaphor for the toxic relationship REMI writes about in the track.

“When writing 5 A.M. I really wanted it to be like a trippy short film. Starting in a place familiar to many people, a drug-infused relationship, but ending with a twist that was dramatic and abrupt. The changing musical landscape helped create different scenes and by the end, to me, it felt like Trainspotting if it was directed by Pedro Almodovar.

Set in an abandoned funeral parlour located in Melbourne’s North, REMI, producer Sensible J and feature singer Whosane play a stylised Dr. Frankenstein and his Igors. 

We would produce our own wonder drug to escape what is clearly a disgusting way of living. However after ingesting the substance everything begins to go wrong, climaxing in the death of all characters. We used burning flowers and fruit specifically to represent the loss of love, growth, sanity, children etc. and imagery such as myself naked on the floor of a filthy bathroom to represent my mentality throughout the whole ordeal.” – REMI

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