Operating under the moniker Harts, Indian born, Australian based multi-instrumentalist Darren Hart releases his blistering new single “Twenty Somethin’”, effortlessly blending together elements of funk, jazz and hazy psychedelia.

Lavished with raucous guitar riffs and a deep, rolling bassline, “Twenty Something’” is an abrasive cut from the young musician. Confident and assertive, Harts’ astute lyrical talent is at the forefront of the track as guitar licks dip and dive over the musical landscape. 

“‘Twenty Somethin’ is an accumulation of feelings I have heading into the new year, the new decade of the 20s and the final years of my 20s” Darren offers. “I had a lot of mixed feelings about my identity and the state of the world around me”.

Growing up surrounded by cases of the old CDs his Dad collected and a rich array of artistic influences, music courses through Darren’s veins. It wasn’t until his teenage years that he took an avid interest in learning an instrument, initially drawn to the improvisation and musical complexity offered by the drums. After his parents refused to bring a drum kit into the house, he eventually began teaching himself guitar on a cheap, nylon string instrument his brother owned, where he finally found his passion.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of artists and creatives, Harts’ experimental nature and diverse talent proves he is one to watch for 2020.

Tune in below.

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